Windows : Plesk Password Recovery

There may come situations when either the password is lost or hacked which makes it necessary to update the admin password. To reset the Plesk panel password log into Plesk and go to the location Security >> Accounts >> Change Password But to reset the password you should know the administrator password for logging into the panel. Read the Plesk Password Recovery steps for Windows below.
Imagine if you have lost/forgot the administrator password you can use the plesksrvclient.exe utility to recover it.

This is how it works:

Login your Windows dedicated server using Remote Desktop Connection.

“%plesk_bin%\plesksrvclient” -get

In Windows machines, you can access the remote desktop from the Start Menu, select All Programs > Accessories > Communications > Remote Desktop Connection.

In Linux platform you can use the syntax rdesktop -u administrator -ppassword  -g resolution IP
2. From the Start menu, select Run.
3. In the In the Run dialog, type:


Now you will get the Plesk admin password in a window prompt.


And that is how it’s done (smile)

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