cPanel account – MySQL database repair

It is easy to check and repair a MySQL Database and it is easier to do that if your account is on a cPanel server.

Databases can be checked / repaired through cPanel or directly through WHM (if you have access that way)


You can check if a database has any corrupted tables via cPanel >> MySQL Databases under Modify Databases


Repairing a database can also be done through cPanel >> MySQL Databases



You can also check and repair databases directly through WHM, To do this, navigate to WHM >> MySQL Services >> Repair a MySQL Database.


Note that the repair function will only work in MyISAM tables and not on Innodb tables. There is no need to worry if you are not sure about the table structure. No harm will come if you are running the Repair function on Innodb tables. You will just get a warning as of the database shown to the right.



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