Analysing Domlogs on a cPanel server

On a cPanel server, a domains access_log is located at /var/log/apache/domlogs/domain.log


An example line from a websites access log is shown below.


Not much verbrose, right 😉

Now lets take a look at what each of these fields mean.

  1. IP Address

The first field in the log shows up the IP of the requester


2. Identity

The two dashes are used for identifying the identity of the requester. The first one is called ident which is almost always a – . The second one will be replaced with a username if HTTP Authentication is used.


3. Date and Time

The third field shows up the date and time and also shows up the universal offset time.


4. Request

The fourth field shows up the request. In this context it means the request is using HTTP 1.1 and to get the default file.


5. HTTP Status Code

The HTTP Status code shows up the status of the request. In our case here, the request shows up a 200 code which means “OK” and the request is successfull.


6.Size of file

The next field shows up the size of the file in bytes excluding the headers.


7. Page previously visited

This field shows up the page from which the client / user managed to get on to the visited page. A blank field (-) indicates that the user entered the URL directly in the address bar manually.


8. Browser Identity

The last field shows up the details of the identity of the browser making the request.


Hope that helps 🙂

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